Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan was born in a poor family in the village called Kansapurnam, Srivilliputtur Taluk, Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu, India on 2nd May 1900 at 8.30 p.m. On 11th November 1911, exactly 11.00 a.m there was a coronation of the King conducted in pomp and glory. This glorious celebration hence made him to ask the elderly person again whether is there anybody greater than the King. The elderly man said “God”. Immediately he asked again whether he could see the God and the elderly man said yes he could see the God. That was the moment that he entertain that he could see the "GOD". At the age of 16 he left India and moved to Ranggon, Burma. He was in business with his uncle who was a businessman. At the age of 32, he married to Latiffa Begum and had a boy and a girl. The boy passed away in an early age and the daughter, Mumtaz Begum is now staying in Madras with her family. On 7th January 1938, Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan received “Upadesha” or his first initiation from an elderly man at 11.11 p.m at the Race Course in Rangoon.People began to observe him and noticed brightness (tejas) on his face. Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan formed a fellowship centre (sabhai ) called Paripoorna Paranjothyin Uyar Gnana Sabhai and he named it as Universal Peace Sanctuary in 1946. His Holiness left this world on 7-1-1981 to become one with the Supreme Lord.Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan was the first great exponent of kundalini yoga by using the easiest and simplest method which made him to be a man of true wisdom, a philosopher and a great spiritual leader until the people called him as “Mahan” (great saint).


Etymologically , Guru is composed of the syllables 'gu' and 'ru', the former signifying 'darkness', and the latter signifying 'the destroyer of that [darkness]', hence a guru is one characterized as someone who dispels spiritual ignorance (darkness), with spiritual illumination (light). The one who expounds all things he knows to those who do not know them is a Guru and he who has this capacity is a great man. Seeking knowledge without a Guru is a fruit without its taste:-(more in I-GOD).

As for our, Guru Jaya Seelan was born in Morib, Banting, Selangor on 23 August 1950. He grew up as an ordinary kampong boy. His father R. Muniandy was a school headmaster and his mother, Thennamah was a housewife. Guru Jaya Seelan is the eldest son among his three siblings .He completed his studies in Methodist English School, Banting. During his childhood days in Morib, fishing seems to be his favorite activity apart from playing football. At the age of 20, he moved to Petaling Jaya and worked in a tyre company in a technical department. He got married to Madam Letchumy in 1974 and blessed with 3 children. Guru Jaya Seelan was an active and staunch person during his days in bakti. His life begins to change in 1990, when he moved into the spiritual essence of His Holiness Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan. He received his first kundalini initiation on 24 April 1990 at 8.00 pm from his Guru, the honorable, Gurupiran Siva Sankaran. After being a disciple, he attended many spiritual courses and seminars to explore himself and he has attended some of the self-awareness courses conducted by Guru Subramaniam at his early age. Subsequently, he took a trip to India, which is still being the vortex of spiritualism to further his spiritual development. Apparently, Guru Jaya Seelan was given a Guru position by Guru Rajaguru on 03 May 1992 at about 8.30 pm. In 1992, with his hard work and his sincerity to expand Mahan’s knowledge formed the first center in Morib , Banting . Eventually, his journey as a guru started by involving in social services and conducting self-development and spiritual seminars which are still conducted now. At present Guru is running UPSM Self Awareness Centers in Petaling Jaya ,Kapar and Dengkil.


Most of the world’s religion believes that “salvation “ is a liberation or redemption from bondage of sin (samsara – cycle of death and rebirth) and the reunion with the creator (Brahman) at the highest spiritual state.So it is not something new that Mahan has invented or taught as many may question about !!!????. As we can see clearly that even though salvation has been existing thousand of years ago, but the access or method of reaching or attaining salvation has not been fairly shall I say been dispersed. The method / formula of attaining salvation is usually passed or taught by the Gurus to the assistants, spiritual masters or limited people or important disciples and was not taught and thought among any layperson.!!!thou

The greatness of His Holiness is that He has created a bridge or a path that anyone can access or go across the bridge to attain salvation. Obviously it is not something that can been attained as it needs a high spiritual state but the important point here is that Mahan has given the opportunity to anyone/ layman irrespective caste, creed, education level, profession, religion, language, marital status or gender and created an easy path towards it. His Holiness has chosen his salvation day on the 7 January as he received his first upadesha/ initiation on 7 January.
It is said that a real spiritual master or
any individual can choose their day of mukthi or salvation.

MAHAN's Wisdom Day

"Those with intense effort, bring them into practice so that others are benefited by them and end in success. When men entertain such good thoughts then dawns the wisdom in them "


Mahan's Wisdom Day is being celebrated internationally every year. "Why Mahan's Wisdom Day is being celebrated?" Speaking of "Wisdom" is just not something to do with knowledge as it always seems to be but it is far beyond with great understanding, research, experience, discipline, equality, critical enquiry, discretion, being bold, loving, justice, righteous,........,,,,, and with the capability of using these qualities just not to solve problems but along with some discoveries that benefiting oneself and the others . The day dawn wisdom in His Holiness, is day that everything started to change in Him. It was a turning point in Mahan's life which made him a Great Mahan as He is today. His Holiness imparted his discoveries to every disciple who yearn for it irrespective caste, creed, education level, profession, religion, language, marital status or gender and created an easy path towards self realization. It is not just reading and talking about Mahan's philosophy but for every individual or disciple who has played a character practically in Mahan's research and discovery will realize that He has just does not want to be a Man of Wisdom but He wants every man or disciple to be a Man of Wisdom. Additionally, this celebration is just not being a celebration as part of recognition or memory but also to generate a quality mental software in every disciple to carry the qualities (above) in every aspects of our lives philosophically, economically, socially, politically, scientifically, spiritually, ...................???? Let us all make our Father of Wisdom to be proud of us.


Mahan's Birthday
A great man once lived and still with us, shared his discoveries and teachings of kundalini irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.Celebration of Mahan's birthday on every 2nd May has given the Paranjothi families through out the world to unite with strong mind with love and wisdom which will lead to a harmonious life.